Chilled Spheroidal Graphite Roll

Spheroidal graphite roll for its characteristic graphite spherical in the material structure. By adjusting the nickel, chromium, molybdenum and others alloying elements and after specific heat treatment process. Pearlite ductile iron roll and bainite spheroidal graphite micro structure can be formed.

Such rolls have a good strength, high temperature properties and anti-accident properties. Hardness fall within minimum on working layer, recognized as the most popular mill roll, they are applicable to all types of section steel mill.

The production process can be Static or Centrifugal according the requirement. The harness can be obtain with alloy material adjusting and heat treatment process.

Chemical compositionRoll body
CSiMnCrNiMoOther metal
Conventional methodsCrMo infinite spheroidal graphite3.0-3.61.6-2.20.4-1.20.2-0.60.2-0.855-70Ordinary section steel, wire rod medium roll
Low Ni infinite spheroidal graphite3.0-3.61.4-2.00.4-1.20.3-0.80.5-1.00.2-0.855-70Ordinary section steel, wire rod medium-finishing roll
Pearlite ductile iron3.1-3.51.4-2.00.4-1.00.2-1.01.5-2.50.2-0.848-65Section steel rough-medium roll, medium pipe roll
Needle shaped ductile iron3.1-3.51.3-1.90.4-1.0≤0.43.2-4.00.2-1.060-75Ordinary section steel, wire rod medium-finishing roll
Centrifugal CastingMedium Ni infinite spheroidal graphite3.1-3.51.2-2.00.4-1.20.2-1.21.0-2.00.2-0.855-65Continuous steel, wire rod medium-finishing roll
Pearlite casting3.1-3.51.4-2.20.4-1.20.2-1.21.5-3.00.2-0.850-65Continuous steel, wire rod medium-finishing roll
Bainite centrifugal casting3.1-3.51.3-2.20.4-1.20.2-1.03.0-4.50.4-1.265-75Continuous steel, wire rod medium-finishing roll
Improved Bainite ductile iron casting3.1-3.51.4-2.00.4-1.20.2-1.03.0-4.50.4-1.2yes70-80Continuous steel, wire rod medium-finishing roll