High Speed Steel Roll (Special alloy)

Honsin Special High Speed Steel Rolls are developed for end milling of steel rod, wire and bar production. The rolls exhibits longer work life (up to 7 times compared to standard casting iron rolls) and surface quality, improving the final product quality and also the efficiency of the milling lines.
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High-boron High Speed Steel Roll

High boron Roll is reinforced boron alloy high speed steel material roll. This product adopt centrifugal casting mode. The molten steel solidification crystallization rapidly under the Gravity multiples G≥100, improving the roll micro structure, eliminating greatly the carbides fragmentation effect. We produced different grade series, adapted to different operating conditions of the mill.

Vanadium nitrogen High Speed Steel Roll

Vanadium nitrogen high speed steel rolls use the diffusion hardened of wear resistant particles, combined with a special heat treatment process, make the wear resistance of the material magnitude promotion, while maintaining the unique parent phase material strength and toughness. All this to ensure that the roll material is extremely resistant to wear and have superior impact resistance.

Vanadium nitrogen HSS roll 500X

High tungsten High Speed Steel Roll

By adding certain proportion of W, CO  alloying elements, using unique technology casting, Adopting special high-temperature hardening (quenching temperature ≥1150 ℃) with multiple tempering heat treatment process. We get tempered martensite with good high temperature stability. The roll has excellent anti-wear properties. High tungsten high speed steel roll can be used in the K1, K2, K4 rack of rod mill, the steel carrying capacity increases 20%-50% compared to conventional high-speed steel rolls.

High tungsten HSS roll 500X