Honsin Ceramic Roll® Series- Alumina Ceramic Roller

Alumina Ceramic Roller

High purity Alumina Rollers fulfill different requirements for thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, melt and slag corrosion resistance, mechanical stability and gas permeability.

Honsin Ceramic Roll® Series-Alumina Ceramic Roller solution is used as the refractory & support & transport material installed into the roller kiln / automotive furnace for high temperature heating processing A broad range of sizes and shapes are available.


Technical properties

AL2O3 Content%≥75≥80≥85≥95
Max. Service Temperature1280135014501800
Bulk densityg/cm32.
Apparent porosity%≤20≤15≤12≤8
Rate of Water Absorption%≤9≤8.5≤7.5≤4
Bending StrengthMPa60 (20℃)

45 (1200℃)

70 (20℃)

51 (1200℃)

80 (20℃)

58 (1200℃)

100 (20℃)

85 (1200℃)

Coefficient of thermal expansion (20 to 1000)K-1 ×10-66668
Thermal Shock Resistance (1350 to 20)/ExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
roundnessmm≤ 0.2≤ 0.2≤ 0.2≤ 0.2